Drupal 8 media sprint

Drupal comes with very basic support for file management, which is not
powerfull enough for most of the sites. We have various very
interesting solutions in contrib. Almost every one of them solves some
problems, but it also fails with others. It sometimes feels that we’d
get an excellent solution if we’d merge them all together.
Unfortunately we can’t, since they are not integrated at all.


Tuesday, Oct 22rd
Wednesday, Oct 23rd
Thursday, Oct 24th
Friday, Oct 25th
Saturday, Oct 26th

Sprint Locations

Monday Oct 21 - Wednesday Oct 23

Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Avenue Berkeley,
CA 94704 Thursday

Oct 24 - Tuesday Oct 29

CHX coder lounge @ Eudemonia
2154 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704